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Building revolutionary emotional robots for making our lives more fun and easier, a social robot that has the power to engage like never before..

Aisoy1 V5, is a very affordable programmable social robot. It is not a toy. It is a powerful almost magical device, that enables people, of all ages, to explore social robotics, and learn how to program social robots in languages like Scratch, Blockly and Python. It is capable of doing most of the things you’d expect a social robot to do, from talking, to feeling if you touch it or move it and playing games. Education needs to adapt to current times and prepare our kids for the future, not giving the answers but promoting an attitude based on “learning to learn” and discovering how things work. Learning to enjoy to investigate, analyze, build, establish a hypothesis, experiment, discover, collaborate, share and communicate.

Kids need to touch, play and experiment with real things (not only multimedia things) by themselves  Kids need something new that surprises and engages them – something magical Kids need a personal strategy with things going at their own speed because of different levels and types of intelligence in the classroom as well as at home.

Aisoy Social robots are real and magic, because they are interactive robots!




Pal Robotics

PAL Robotics is a worldwide leading company in biped humanoid robots based in Barcelona. The team is composed of about 30 people from different nationalities, mostly engineers in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software that design, craft and customize humanoid robots.

Founded in 2004 by four engineers, we have successfully built several robots for services and research, contributed to open-source projects and participated in several robotic competitions.

Our current robots are REEM, the event robot, REEM-C, an advanced humanoid biped robot, TIAGo, a mobile modular research robot and Stockbot, an autonomous 3D inventory robot.

PAL Robotics continues its R&D efforts on humanoid robots, for both commercial and non-commercial models, and thus keeps its original objective to supply robotic products and services that will improve the daily work and quality of life for both its customers and users.





Dyna Tech 2012 is a Spanish SME founded in 2012 focused on creating innovative solutions and business cases on robotics, smart home and Internet of Things environment. Dyna Tech delivers efficient, easy and tech-transparent cloud based solutions developing both, hardware and software, and, in consequence, tailoring the solution to fit the client’s needs and expectations.

Robotics, more precisely, social robotics, is and has been the main research focus of the company, where a great impact and benefit on how people learn, recover and improve their social skills can be achieved. The Hookie robot project, for example, is meant to help high functioning authistic children improve their social and engagement skills. Mixing robotics with children is one of the big focus of the company, as it has been teaching robotics to children since its start.

Dyna Tech 2012 offers its expertise in developing cutting-edge software/hardware cloud (IoT) based solutions carefully tailored to any specific needs. Also, it makes available its robotics knowledge through training, consultancy and specific research.




Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia

Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia (Robotics Institute for Dependency) is a non-profit private foundation in Sitges, Spain. It was created in 2014 by Fundació Ave Maria (Ave Maria Foundation) to separate caregiving activities from innovation activities, after 30 years of experience, to specialize the institute and make it an international reference.

The aim of the Institute is to improve quality of life among people with disabilities, their families and the care professionals providing them support, through the use of the most advanced technologies, obtaining innovative products that transform the way things are done today, transferring our knowledge, working efficiently, with quality, safety and sustainability. To that end, IRD has collaborates with the industry associations in Spain to collect and prioritize the needs of the dependency sector and also to start the projects that will provide solutions to most relevant needs.

Research Lines:

  • Cognitive training for individuals with ID using robotics and assistive technologies.
  • Socially assistive companion robot for transportation of individuals with ID.
  • Mobile robots for meal and laundry transportation.
  • Automated detection of individuals engagement and emotional state to facilitate feedback based treatment.





RO-BOTICA operates in the B2C and B2B space providing advanced, versatile and friendly solutions in robotics.Out goal is to bring robotics to education and encourage technological vocations among young people.

We work with the most innovative brands world wide to bring their products and services to individuals, education organisations, foundations and governments that are committed to technological and social change.

We carefully select our products achieving the widest offering in robotics for teachers and fans, from primary school to university, for each requirement and budget. We have proven experience in classroom equipment and support, training courses, workshops and competitions.

Our capacity to generate synergies translates in the biggest partners network is this filed, including vendors, institutions and organisations.





VanPaz is a Dutch SME that aims at contributing the advancement of ICT with societal impact especially for frail people: the elderly, children with special needs, and chronic patients. Social robotics has been one of the early focus of the company also thanks to the collaboration with DynaTech 2012 and their Hookie robot. VanPaz bridges the gap between cutting-edge R&D and market by mentoring promising researchers on the business aspects of their work as well as searching for funding sources for their businesses.

The company was founded in April 2016 by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs with complementary expertise: Jan Geert van Hall, an experienced business developer with a track record as group controller in KPN first and CFO of a ICT holding later, and Giovanni Pazienza, a PhD researcher with a long international experience in academia and technology transfer.

VanPaz offers its expertise on public/private funding (within and beyond H2020) to international consortia. Also, it provides business and technology consultancy to SMEs and start-ups, in which it may participate as shareholder. Finally, it carries out its own research and development agenda in data science applied to the Health and Life Sciences domain in collaboration with numerous academic and industrial partners.





Everis Nextgen leads the next wave of digital revolution within everis and NTT Data, focusing on disruptive assets and initiatives leveraging exponential technologies.





At SIMA Project we decide to build a personal, humanoid-robot for kids, to play teach and learn. We have developed a robotic body that when is merged with smartphones setup the SIMA Robot. A robot companion able to hear, communicate and interact by gestures and voice.

We´ve decided to leverage on what we consider is a very common device, to give connection and sensor to our robots and in this way made it more accesible for everyone.